Executive Committee

Executive Committee Meeting

A meeting of Executive Committee of Bangladesh Orthopaedic Society will be held on 17th June, 2023 at 1pm at the BOS Office room.

Secretary General’s Message

It is my great pleasure to address the honorable members as the secretary general of Bangladesh orthopaedic society. Bangladesh Orthopaedic Society was formed on 24th August, 1979, with the aim to establish cooperation & friendship among the members and to link with other relevant association at home & abroad for the development of orthopaedic subject to world standard level.

BOS is organizing national & international conference, seminars, workshop, CMEs & also publishing journals regularly. Super specialties are now well established in our country. Several super specialty societies have been formed & they are organizing academic activities, conferences, CMEs in collaboration with Bangladesh Orthopaedic Society. We are trying to improve the skill of orthopaedic surgeons by sending them for training in super specialties.

Besides participation and organization of different national and international societies, BOS always came forward in service of humanity in disasters both in country and abroad like Haiti & Nepal earth quake in 2010 and 2015 respectably. Bangladesh Orthopaedic Society jointly with the help of other organization successfully participated in the rescue program, initial management, definitive treatment and rehabilitation program.

I wish glorious future for Bangladesh Orthopaedic Society.

Prof. Dr. Md. Jahangir Alam
Secretary General
Bangladesh Orthopaedic Society

President’s Message

Bangladesh Orthopaedic Society is one of the most resplendent professional societies in the country. Being founded on 24th August, 1979, the society emphasized the development of orthopaedic surgery to a level consistent with global standard while fostering friendship and collaboration among its members. To this day, Bangladesh’s orthopaedic society has developed to the point where it participates in international exchanges, academic pursuits and social activities.

BOS is a member of numerous international organizations, including OASAC, APOA’s federation, EFORT’s associate membership program, ASAMI’s Bangladesh Chapter, the Eurasian Orthopaedic Forum, the Association of Traumatologists and Orthopaedists of Russia (ATOR), and Jaipur Foot of India. In order to support spine surgery, BOS collaborates with the AO Alliance Foundation, the West Bengal Orthopaedic Association (WBOA), SIGN Fracture Care International, and other organizations. The glorious flourish of Bangladesh Orthopaedic Society during the last couple of years really amazed all concerned for wide spread international interaction, academic and scientific activity and nationally committed services.

I remember with immense gratitude Prof. R. J. Garst who dedicated his life for establishing RIHD by the guidance of Bangubandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman which is now known as NITOR, center of excellence of orthopaedic & trauma, from where started the journey of orthopaedic surgery in Bangladesh. With the establishment of twelve storied building in 2017, NITOR became the largest orthopaedic hospital in Asia. I express my heartful thanks to the members of Bangladesh Orthopedic Society who are the backbone of orthopaedic and trauma services centered in NITOR, BSMMU, and other medical colleges & also in some corporate hospitals in Bangladesh.

Prof. Dr. Monaim Hossen
Bangladesh Orthopaedic Society (BOS)

New Executive committee for 2022-23

New Executive committee of Bangladesh Orthopaedic Society has been published for 2022-23.

Rough Voter List 2022-2023

খসড়া ভোটার তালিকা- ২০২২-২০২৩

সম্মানিত সদস্যবৃন্দ,

আপনাদের সদয় অবগতির জন্য জানানো যাচ্ছে যে, বাংলাদেশ অর্থোপেডিক সোসাইটির খসড়া ভোটার তালিকা (২০২২-২০২৩) বাংলাদেশ অর্থোপেডিক সোসাইটির নোটিশ বোর্ডে ও সোসাইটির ওয়েবসাইট-এ প্রদর্শন করা হলো। এ ব্যাপারে কোন সদস্যের যেকোন সংশোধন বা সংযোজন-বিয়োজন থাকলে তা অবশ্যই আগামী ১০(দশ) দিনের মধ্যে অর্থাৎ, ০৫ মে, ২০২২ইং তারিখ দুপুর ২:৩০ এর মধ্যে অফিসে অথবা অফিস সেক্রেটারী বরাবর লিখিত আকারে জানানোর জন্য অনুরোধ করা হলো । যে সকল সদস্য ছবি সরবরাহ করেননি তাদেরকে অবশ্যই উক্ত তারিখের মধ্যে ছবি সরবরাহ করার জন্য অনুরোধ করা হলো। ০৫ মে, ২০২২ইং তারিখের পর কোন সংশোধন গ্রহন করা হবেনা।

আপনাদের সহযোগিতা আমাদের একান্ত কাম্য ।


BOSCON 2022 will be held on 15th and 16th March, 2022 at Pan Pacific Sonargoan, Dhaka and NITOR.


BOSCON 2022 will be held on 6th and 7th february at Pan Pacific Sonargaon And Nitor


BOSCON 2021 conference will be held on 22-23 march,2021. Due to Covid 19 pandemic situation we decided to organize Virtual Live Conference this year. Last day of registration is 10th March, 2021. Registration Fee is- 500 TK. Last date of presentation submission 10th March,2021.

BOSCON 2021 , Abstract Submission

Respected Member, Greetings from the Scientific Committee- BOSCON-2021. Hope you are in sound health. This time our conference will be held virtually on march 22-23, 2021. You’re requested to send your paper along with video presentation ( Time 8 Min)